One third through January ....

Well, it's Friday and payday and time to admit I've made a boo boo. I think I knew I made a mistake with my painting - at least I didn't feel real good about what I had done - I wasn't sure. Given that this is my first painting, it has also become a process of self-discovery. I now know what it's like to do it wrong - I know what it feels like to go off in the wrong direction.

The consensus of opinion seems to be that it was better before - the clouds were more 'real' in earlier versions of the painting and the original 'wrap' of small bits of cloud around the sides of the mountain was the right way to go. I should have 'left well enough alone'. Thanks, Gramps.

Thanks to all who were kind enough to offer their opinions. Your opinions helped me learn to trust my instincts and I am grateful.

As to what I now must do: I am going to strip off the clouds and re-do them. I have plenty of photos to reference and I will get this thing back on track. There will be a new update no later than tomorrow evening.

And I will leave the current picture in place. As an example of what NOT to do.

PLEASE NOTE: To those of you who are watching the progress of my painting, please check on NewAtArt from time to time this weekend. I will probably be updating more than once, as I make changes to rescue the painting from an unfortunate choice.


Sandy C. said...

Lou, thanks so much for sharing this process with us...it's been incredible seeing the progression of your work here. I think you did a phenomenal job all around, especially this being a first painting.
Looking forward to the final ...

Nicole in Kuwait said...

Yupp, always go with your guts ;)
At least you still have something to work on

Re where we go next:
I did answer, but I guess it got drowned somewhere in my, uhm, few, uhm,....blogposts ;)
We have no clue yet.
Decisions will be made, as usual, on short notice.
Maybe, if we are lucky, Europe.
Maybe another year here, maybe Qatar.
I'll keep you posted :)

Boneblower said...

Don't you dare lose heart. You are doing a fantastic job. As a perfectionist, I know this will be a hard thing to do - but please don't be hard on yourself, if your first painting is perfect - where can you go from there??

In my role as a nearly qualified Art Therapist I strongly recommend you remember to have fun with it - the whole process :)