Hello, it's Monday already ...

Well, wouldn't you know it, it's Monday morning and I didn't get back to the computer to do the blogging I had thought I would do last night. So I have TWO memes hanging over my head and those are going to take a little time. I was actually ready to blog last night, but just as I sat down to pick up my laptop and go to it, Annie walked into the house and the look on her face said "Let's go upstairs, big boy" and .... it was an easy decision to make.

Later - I will catch everything up tonight.

P.S. I removed the UTTERZ widget from the other side of the blog page - it overlapped this side of the page in some browsers and that is unacceptable.


Sandy C. said...

Darn! That never works when I say that.....but I try to pull that one off before he heads to work...

I slacked off on the blogging last night too! Seems as if we both have meme homework to catch up on ;)

Marita said...

I think you made a wise decision abandoning the laptop to go upstairs :grin:.

Did wonder where the UTTERZ widget had gotten to. Overlapping is annoying and not good.

NicoleB said...

Glad you had fun :D
No fun for me, hubby came home with a Flu Virus, yack ;)
But went right to the Doc and got helped ;)
Now there's no blogging for me, because my blog has the flu and I hope my host doctors can fix it - QUICK!
Back to my game ;)
Kill some monsters and let them pay for any frustration.
Maybe it's warmer there to *freezes!*