halfway through January

And only 11.5 more months to go. O.M.G.

I'm getting behind on some stuff. I have two memes to catch up with and I think this painting has taken long enough - it's time to get it done!!! So. This is the plan: when I get home I eat right away, go downstairs and strip the paint off the painting that needs stripping, re-prime the canvas with the Alkyd oil paint I bought today at blick's during lunch and let it dry overnight. Meanwhile, I'll take a pic of the stripped painting ( I have always said that I was going to document the painting - good, bad or ugly - and for a short time, it's going to be ugly ) and, having posted the picture, do the memes, catch up on my favorite blogs ( actually, I read most of them this morning but made no comments - remember - BFCL, Blog First Comment Later) and then figure out what I'm going to do for the rest of the evening. Perhaps I'll pester ... never mind. I'll think of something.


Marita said...

Look forward to seeing pictures of the painting, good, bad, ugly, beautiful and all stages in between.

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

At least if you're documenting your whole progress, the BEST will be clearly the BEST!!!

Can you believe we're halfway through January??

PS - Thanks for the comment on my blog earlier - you hit the nail square on the head!