Friday or firday or whatever

I must have dyslexic fingers. It took two whacks to get Friday spelled right and that sort of thing seems to be happening with unsettling frequency. Thanks be to Her that spell checkers exist. (PLEASE NOTE: given that the largest measure of my audience is female, and I'll do anything to ingratiate myself, I refer to the Supreme Being as 'Her'.)

Last night's painting update is here. I've made this particular notation because I finally figured out how to link to the specific blog entry, not just the blog itself. So that particular 'here' points specifically to last night's blog update. I'm so proud of myself.

I have this vision of the Presidential candidates in an American Gladiator type setting. Pugil sticks. Hillary in Trainers, Trackies (sweat pants) and Hoodie (Hooded Sweatshirt), Barack with a helmet on and boxing gloves, McCain with a real bayonet and Rudy dressed appropriately but with a .45 in a holster under his arm. Last one standing wins.

My favorite quote: "I am the keeper of fragile things, and I have kept of you what is indisolvable." Anais Nin

p.s. Apparently, she used to make up her own words.


Nicole said...

I like you saying the Supreme being is a "her"
grin ;)

And I'm proud of you figuring the link thing out :D!!