bfcl, bfcl (blog first, comment later)

I hate rain. It doubles travel times and just makes me frustrated. So now I have to remind myself to bfcl - blog first, comment later. Because most of the blogs I watch have updated since last I looked - which was last night. I just just want to get in there and read what they have to say and make my little comments .... but patience, patience. Do things in their proper order. We do, after all, want to be a good blogtizen.

I guess one should be careful what one wishes for. In response to a blogger from Australia, who was complaining about the January heat, I remarked that I would LOVE to have to complain about heat in January. That day, the temperature was 30 degrees Far. The next day the temp was 64 and the day after that it was 60. Today it's in the 50's and raining like the dickens, mainly because of the weather system that has brought us all these warm temperatures. All the snow is gone. However, I have a feeling it may be back. If there's anything that's constant about the weather in Chicago, it's change.

I wonder if things are cooler in Australia right now.


Sandy C. said...

*sticks tongue out* --
We have 55 degree temps + SUN!!!!!!

Sorry, I had to gloat a little since the last week, the high for us was about 17 degrees :( I've never been so happy to see the sun!!!

Sayonara snow....please don't come back until next year. We've had more than enough of you already.

And yes, bfcl is a good rule of thumb....but then the reading and commenting also eats up most of the day too....Ah, how twisted the blogosphere can be.

Marita said...

It is a lovely 17C in Melbourne, Australia at this very moment (8.04am). Will probably get much much warmer later in the day.

I'd rather have our hot hot summers than snow in winter. Until this year I'd never really 'got' how deep/heavy snow can get. Reading blogs of others around the world has educated me about snow and seeing photos of the stuff is eye opening.

frog ponds rock... said...

Hi Lou, *waves madly* I will have to try to remember to bfcl hehehehe

cheers kim..

Nicole said...

Hope your weather gets better soon!

And sorry for posting so much.....I tried not to, but.....14 hours a day just for myself is just too much not to blog ;)

Grin about the weather change :D
It got warmer again over here too. Time to get sick again easily, yuck...