This will be home ...

I have been blogging on an almost daily basis since the middle of November on Ning.com, in a social network called NaBloPoMo. In a rather short period of time I acquired a number of 'friends' and I think people were actually reading the blog, because I've been getting hits on 'NewAtart' of a greater number than I can otherwise account for. I think, however, that I'm going to do my daily blogging here, in this one, instead. That way, everything is kind of in the same place. As funny as it may seem, given the fact that I do computers for a living, I am not a very good 'Computer Application User'. I really don't quite understand how that whole NING thing works, over there, and NoBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) seems to have gone rather lifeless since the end of November, which WAS the national blog posting month referenced in the title. So, I'm going to continue blogging with the greater frequency I found I liked while I was there, but I'm going to do it here, where I feel a little more comfortable. So this will become my daily(?) stream of consciousness blog and NewAtArt will focus completely on art projects I am working on.