Art class tonight.

As this is Wednesday, tonight is the last of the art classes with Marilyn Dale, artist and art teacher extraordinaire. I'm looking forward to a resumption of classes in January, although the venue will be different. We will have those classes at the Naperville Art League on Tuesday nights; Marilyn is giving a watercolor class on Wednesday nights at North Central College so our facility and our teacher are occupado on the night we would normally choose to have our classes. That said, most of us in the current class are grateful that she has found a way for us to continue our studies with her. I'm sure that not all of us (there are 13 in the class) will take the next class, but there will be enough of us to make it worth her while.

I have so many ideas - things I would like to paint. I want to paint a portrait of my recently deceased father-in-law. There is the second painting I want to do from the picture I've used as the source of the current painting. There is a photograph I took, recently, while in Arizona, that I think may make a good painting. It a quiet, shaded pool of water surrounded by flagstones and vegetation. Perhaps I'll post it here and take a vote.

Yeah, that's the ticket - post it here. I can DO that.