Sarah - Call the wind.

From last time ...

"Okay. Day after tomorrow. Early."

"Yes, Mackey. Early. Before it gets too hot. Now go back to sleep, Billy. We've got another half an hour before we get you home."

And now ...

"Damn, Mackey. That thing kicks like a mule."

"And it'll bruise you good if you don't pull it tight into your shoulder. Get down close on the sight, pull the weapon in tight and keep your cheek down on your hand. If you don't keep the weapon under control, your shoulder will feel like hell and your face will look like hell. That knuckle at the base of your thumb will hit you right in the cheekbone. Now take another shot."

"My shoulder already feels like hell. And I think I'm gonna have a black eye."

"Just take the shot and quit your whining."

"Yes, SIR!"

Sarah did as she was told. She pulled the rifle tight into her shoulder and laid her cheek on top of her hand, as it wrapped around the stock and her finger fell to the trigger. Mackey reached down and pulled on the weapon to test her grip.

"Good. Nice and tight. Okay, now. Remember. Easy on the trigger. Don't let the restraint you're placing on the weapon become a heavy finger on the trigger. Nice and light. Just caress that puppy. Easy, gentle pull. Now do it."

Sarah sighted in her target and gently pulled the trigger.

"Wow. I hardly even felt that. And I like shooting these open sights. I feel more ... I don't know ... involved. Yeah, that's it. It feels more like ME taking the shot. Does that sound weird?"

"No, not at all. Lot of guys feel that way. It's like the scope makes it automatic, almost. Open sights ... it's just you and your weapon. And your target. And when you hold the weapon properly, and that shot goes off, it's like you're one. And it doesn't hurt."

"Yeah. Like we're one. This thing is a beast ... but it feels good to shoot. I like it."

Macket put his spotting scope to his eye.

"Well, I'm glad I wasn't on the other end of that shot. Center black. Dead on."

Sarah rolled on to her side, put her head on her hand.

"What did you guys work out with the Indians yesterday?"

"Actually, there really wasn't much to work out. The Indians want to split the take fifty-fifty. Ma said no at first. She wanted them to take more. They said no - if the Gaming Commission comes in and looks at the books, Indians think it'd be better if they saw an even split - that whole 'white person' thing, you know. So Ma finally agreed - provided the tribe lets her build a new school and a hospital for the Res. They gave in. There ain't no workin' against that woman when she sets her mind."

"I know. That's why I love that woman."

"Me, too. Okay. Enough fuckin' off. Get back on that piece and put five more in the black and we're done."

"Just five?"

"Listen. You don't feel it when you take a good shot, but you're still taking a beating. Five will be enough for today. Otherwise, you won't be able to move tomorrow."

"Okay, Mackey. You win. Just five. Call the wind."


Big Mark 243 said...

Hmm... must have missed a part. The relationship between Sarah and Mackey is very yin-yang. There is a fluidity where one does not mind when it calls for them to be the follower and the dynamic changes and the roles shifts and the follower becomes the leader.

I hope this story not only gets published, but becomes a movie as well!

Tara R. said...

You are doing such a great job building these characters. You can't help but relate to them. Nicely done.