Sarah - Kiss Ma for Me.

From last time ...

"If he did, I'd probably shoot him in the fig leaf. Just because I could."

Mackey laughed.

"I bet you would."

And now ...

Sarah and Mackey sat in the kitchen of The Adobe, working their way through a bottle of gin.

"So where are we going to take this guy?"

"There's a little tavern in North Vegas he likes to hang out in, we'll take him there."

"What's the distance going to be?"

"Oh, about 450. Not bad - and no problem for you. We will have a little elevation - we'll be on a short rooftop down the street. It's the only place in the area where we can take the shot and still have more than one exit."


"Day after tomorrow. Two Feathers says he goes every Tuesday night, plays cards in the back until 10, and then goes home."

"Does he have any family?"

"Just his sister and her husband.. He stays with them. They're old line Polish from Chicago - those families stick together."

Sarah stared in her glass of gin.

"What's this guy's name again? Chester?"

"Yeah. Chester Nimski. Him and Jesus Corradera are all that's left on the list. Then you take Giamatti."

"Yeah. I know. I go up to the office and I look out that window every time I come to Vegas. I see that shot, in my head, over and over again. Last week, when I was up there, I pulled that big desk over in front of the window and laid down on it like I was going to take my shot. Works nice. I think that's how I'll do it - on the desk. It gives me a better base - I don't like the notion of taking a freehand shot at that distance. It's too far."

"I still don't like the notion of you taking the shot from there at all. You're renting the damn place. I don't think it's gonna take the cops too long to figure out where that shot comes from - what're you gonna do then?"

"No problem, Mackey. Geez, are you turning into and old woman or what? I will wear a disguise entering the building. Two Feathers will kick the door in so it looks like somebody broke into the office to take the shot. I'll leave wearing the same disguise I wore on the way in. Then I'll show up at 9am, and boy, will I be surprised!"

"You better hope it works like you think it will. The cops will run ballistics on the bullet - they'll tie it to all these other killings. The State Police are even looking for the killer. You. They're looking for you. It's just too close, that's all. When you do this, the cops are going to get REAL close."

"I know, Mackey. But this is the way I want to do it - so this is the way it's going to get done. Now you better get home to Ma while you can still drive well enough to stay on the road."

"Yeah, I guess. Tomorrow we'll take the sedan into North Vegas and I'll show you the scene so you can see it in your head. Get a good night's sleep, Sarah."

"I will, Mackey. Good night. Kiss Ma for me, okay?"

"Kiss her yourself. If I kiss Ma, it's for ME."


Tara R. said...

I've missed Sarah. I like the direction this is going. I've thoroughly enjoyed this tale.

septembermom said...

I'm intrigued by these characters. I like how you work the dialogue to flow so easily. Well done.

Big Mark 243 said...

Kiss her for yourself... I love that line.

I don't wanna ruin the surprise by making any estimations and what not. Rather, I should play like a good reader and let the author take me where it is we will go.

This was worth the wait!!