A small dilemma

As for Sarah ... The story is at a minor fork in the road. There are several different directions it can go from here and none of them seems to stand out as the way the story wants to go.

Usually, when this happens to me - when I can't see the way clearly - it just means I have to sit back and let things simmer a bit.

The story is threatening to grow larger - to encompass more people and their stories. I want to keep it narrow - focused on Sarah - but other stuff keeps trying to intrude itself.

It is not my aim to let the story ramble. I want it tight.

And so - I'll let it simmer. And apologize.



Big Mark 243 said...

I completely understand. As much as I liked 'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo', I thought that at the beginning it was too unwieldly. After you let Sarah 'simmer down' a bit, you will have left what you need to finish it.

Betty Manousos said...

Just passing by to say hi and thanks for your continued support!
It's been a hectic week for me, tremendous demands from work..I'm so sorry there's no time left for going out and do my circle of friends rounds in the blogosphere.
Visiting blogs and commenting..you know; but I do my best, and I'm now going around... you're the first.

Happy remainder of the weekend!

Loraine said...

No apology necessary. A good read is worth the wait!

PattiKen said...

Think "series."