Sarah - Millions

From last time ...

She turned and started her run toward home, again, feeling very full of herself.

Nothing like knocking around a turd or two to ease one's mind.

And now ...

The phone rang as Sarah entered the apartment.

"Hello. Oh, hi Mackey. What's wrong?"

Sarah kicked off her boots and settled into the big, comfy chair next to the phone.

"Well, you don't usually call here, that's all. You don't need to get huffy."

She listened for a moment.

"Alright, Mackey. I'm sorry. Jeez. Okay, if nothing's wrong, why did you call?"

Sarah started to pull off her sock, but then stamped her foot to the floor and sat bolt upright.

"They found WHAT??? Gold? AND Silver? Jesus, Mackey, WHEN?"

Jerry came into the room. His mother's loud reaction drew him into the room.

"Oh MACKEY!! That's GREAT news. I'll be out by the end of the week. I need to find someone to look after things here. ... What? ... Oh, it's just that my Mom seems to be getting a little feeble minded and I don't know if I can trust her to watch out for Jerry while I'm gone. Maybe it's just a temporary thing, I dunno, but I can't deal with it now. ... You say they want to buy me out? How much are they offering?"

Her mouth fell open and she silently mouthed the word "MILLIONS" at Jerry.

"Holy crap. That'll buy a lot of pogey bait. Oh, Mackey, this is great. Did you tell Ma yet? ... Don't tell her. Let me. What's the matter?"

She waited for an answer that didn't seem to be forthcoming.

"Mackey, I can tell by your voice there's something on your mind. Now what is it?"

She listened for a moment as Mackey told her his concern.

"No. I would never sell the Adobe. In fact, all of that land that runs along the base of the hills back to the road - none of that's any good to them. We should keep it. They found the gold in the hills - then they can buy the hills. We keep the flatland. Besides, where would we train?"

She held out her hand to Jerry and pulled him close.

"Okay, Mackey. I'll see you by the end of the week. Bye."

She picked up Jerry and gave him a big hug.

"Mom. Put me down. I'm too big."

"Yes, you are, Jerry. You're my little man and you're too big for all that. But we're gonna be rich, Jerry. RICH. We're gonna have MILLIONS!!"

"Oh goody, Momma. Can I have some ice cream?"

"Jerry? You can have anything you want. And so can I. And the first thing we're gonna do? We're gonna buy a house. A proper house with a lawn and a yard and a porch your Grandma can sit on. What do you think?"

"I think that's great, Mom. Can we have our ice cream now?"


Tara R. said...

HA! Kids! They know what's really important in life... ice cream.

Jientje said...

Now there's a new twist to the story!

Grandmother Mary said...

New twists can be good! his one seems so. Hope it doesn't dull her sharp edge though.

Holly said...

Pogey bait, heh!

I love that she is tough but also just looking for a normal life.