Monday Meanders 9-27

Back to work ... This day may bring its fair share of surprises. A database upgrade over the weekend would seem to have gone well - proof of the pudding lies in this morning.

My friend Mark has two little boys - and they are both in Pop Warner football. The 8 year old is a quick little blond haired zephyr that nobody can catch and the 10 year old is WAY too big for himself - he hasn't 'found' himself, yet. He still doesn't know how to be so big, and so he appears somewhat clumsy. However. He does prove to be rather immovable when run into by linemen from the other team and running backs bounce off him like BB's. It's going to be fun watching him when he finally catches up with his body, and learns how to use it.

I took an hour, yesterday, and played official team photographer for the younger boy's game. I shot over 400 photographs. At 5 shots per second, one has to learn how to take one's finger off the shutter QUICKLY - or else there's a lot of useless stuff that gets photographed. I love the "Sports Mode" on the 30D, but sometimes that sensitive shutter release is a bit disconcerting.

I may publish some of the shots this Wednesday. For Wordless Wednesday. We'll see.

I have a blogger friend who is moving to India this coming weekend. She'll likely be there for a couple of years. After India, there may be some China in her future. I am going to miss her. And I owe her a CD of pictures I shot at a party at her house and I MUST get them to her by Friday. And I will. I hope.

This is last week of September. The last few days, actually - there isn't a full week of September left. Why do these weeks and months keep going by so fast?



Nicole said...

Same Phenomenon of flying months here. I have no clue where my time goes :(

Looking forward to the Sports shots.
I have a Test shooting on Wednesday, for the local Red Bull company.
For events.
The first shooting is Indoors. That sucks highly. I don't have much experience Indoors and I do not particularly like it. I have no big flash and not the right lens (18-70mm is just not great for that).
Somehow I doubt I will qualify for that 'job' :(
Couldn't it be an outdoor shooting?

Keeping my fingers crossed for your Monday morning run on the system upgrade :)

Jientje said...

The weeks just seem to whizz by on this side of the world too!

Unknown said...

Oh, how wonderful about playing team photographer! I would love to see your pictures! LOVE love LOVE that! :)

I just recently have been admonished by several photographers for giving the families I shoot for CD's of their images. To me, it was MUCH BETTER than editing a TON of pictures but the 'real' photographers say that it takes away from our value as a collective group. They said that the actual images we shoot should be guarded and priced high. What do you think of that? I always love your perspective.

I still shoot for free for my friends and family. I might have to start putting pictures online for people to order versus a CD.

Hope the computer system is running glitch free!

Big Mark 243 said...

Kashion is a cool name... and I sort of agree with the other photographers, that what they are being paid for is there 'expertise'. It is kind of like going to a mechanic, then after he diagnose the problem, he gives me tools and parts. "There you go", he says. "that will be $500!"

Is there a chance that a shot or two (or even three) that has value to the customer goes by? Sure! But that IS why you are getting paid the big bucks, to make sure that DOESN'T happen!!

Looking forward to seeing the pee wee pics.

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Little kids and football are always such an awesome combination and I hope said blogger, once she's settled, can write about her experiences for us.