Sarah - In the Will

Just so y'all know, although the issues are far from resolved, at least we are all on the same page and working toward the same end. Thank you, all, for your concern. Have I ever told you how much I love you? ALL of you?

From last time ...

"Are you sure you can do this, Sarah? I know you got two kills to your credit, but those guys were going to kill Jake - you took them out because you had to. This time ... this time it's going to be different. This time, it's going to be cold."

"I can do it, Mackey. I was already thinking about coming back out here, anyway. Mostly for Jake, sure. But Jake knew what I had to do - he reminded me all the time. Time comes ... I'll do what I have to do. For Jake. For The Kid. And for me."

And Now ...

As Sarah pulled into the dry and dusty lot outside Ma's, Two Feathers came out of the motel office, headed for his car. When he saw Sarah pulling in, he changed direction and headed for her Jeep.

"Hi, Sarah. Sergeant Mackey."

"Hi, Billy. Ma okay?"

"Yeah. She's fine. She's a little down right now, but she'll be back to normal in a day or two. She and Jake were as close as kin and this whole thing has hit her hard. But listen .. have you got a few minutes? There's some stuff I gotta talk over with you."

"Sure, Billy. Diner?"

"Yeah, that's fine. You, too, Mackey. You're in this, too."

"Sure, kid, let's go."

Sarah, Mackey and Two Feathers walked into the diner and took a booth at the rear. The waitress sauntered over.

"Anybody want anything to drink?"

Sarah ordered orange juice. Billy and Mackey both asked for Cokes. As the waitress walked away, Two Feathers took and envelope out from under his shirt and slid it across the table to Sarah.

"Okay, Billy, what's this?"

"It's the deed to the line shack and about 8,000 acres of land back there. Jake left it to you."

"Holy crap. I had no idea."

"I told you he loved you. He left the property where his trailer used to be to Ma and he left the business and inventory to me. Oh, and to you, Mackey? He left his Springfield sniper rifle. I expect you know why."

"Yeah, sure. He wants me to use it."

Sarah looked at Mackey in surprise.

"What do you mean?"

Mackey started to say something, but looked at Two Feathers instead.

"How much of this do you know, Billy?"

"Let me put it this way ... all of that information about the way Giamatti's boys go about their business that was in that envelope? I got all that. And I know why. I know what Jake was training Sarah to do and I know she shot Sully and Chico last year to save Jake's life. That pretty much cover it?"

Mackey looked back to Sarah.

"Snipers work in teams, Sarah. The day of the lone wolf sniper is over. Teams are more effective. And teams are safer. Jake wants ... wanted me to work with you - to keep you safe. And you, Two Feathers. The only reason Jake let you in on this is because he knew this could happen - he knew he could wind up dead, and he wanted you to be part of this, too."

Two Feathers nodded his head in agreement.

"Jake never said as much, but I kinda got the idea he was planning for what would happen if he died. At first I didn't understand why he didn't do the scouting himself - but then I knew - if he did it, and he got killed, then the first hand knowledge would die with him."

"Right. And that's why he left me his rifle. He gave you that custom built rifle, Sarah. That piece belongs to you. Nobody will EVER carry that piece but you. He wants me to be your spotter. That's why he left the second rifle to me - the spotter is often the second shot. And you, Two Feathers, are the flanker. You know the terrain. You have to watch our back and guard our escape route. Be ready to haul us out after the job. That sort of thing."

Sarah had had her chin on her hands, listening. She picked up her head.

"Okay, now we all know what Jake wanted. The question is - are you guys ready to get involved in this? The very best this is going to be called is Vigilante Justice. Most probably, it's going to be called murder. I have to do this. I HAVE to do this. You don't."

Two Feathers looked at Sarah.

"Yes. I do. I've been watching these animals for almost a year. I know what they do to people. And I know what they did to Jake. I'm in."

"Thanks, Billy. What about you, Mackey?"

"I have to. He left me his rifle ... and he was my friend."

"Okay then. I guess all we have to do is figure out how we go about this. Herrera
is first. But where .. and when?"


Tara R. said...

It's all falling into place very nicely.

I really hope when you've ended this tale, you submit it to a publisher.

Jientje said...

A team. I like this.

Big Mark 243 said...

Everything is lining up for a show down. This is really good stuff.