Friday Haiku - Discovered

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Haiku Friday

There is an old bone
Scientists have discovered.
A sea change coming.

Scientists have discovered a finger bone in cave in Siberia. They say that this bone is 30 to 40 thousand years old. At that time, Modern Humans and Neanderthal Man lived in the area, in close proximity to one another.

The bone is human. But it is neither Modern Human nor Neanderthal. Mitochondrial DNA analysis says that the bone belongs to a species of human that would have left Africa a million years ago. After the ancestor of Neanderthal. And before the rise of Modern Humans.

So all of that is pretty cool, right? Wait. What follows is MY speculation - there is nothing but MY opinion that this is possible, to support it.

In the U.S. there are the "Sasquatch". In China there are the "Yeren". In Russia there are the "Alma". In the Himalaya there are the "Yeti".

The 'wildmen', up until now, have been pretty much poo-pooed by scientists. After all, there has never been any record of any other hominin besides Moderns and Neanderthals surviving long enough to live together 40,000 years ago. Until now. Apparently, 40,000 years ago there was a third species of human living in Siberia.

And if they were there then ...



Shadow said...

you think?

Jientje said...

What an interesting thought!

moneythoughts said...

The idea that Neanderthals are not alive and well and living in Kentucky is pure nonsense. Whenever I cross the Ohio River, I see any number of Neanderthals driving and walking around. In fact, the Creationist Museum is run by a bunch of Neanderthals in my opinion.

Tara R. said...

Hmmm... intriguing hypothesis. I grew up around the Smoky and Appalachian Mts. Big Foot? Real? Could be...

Grandmother Mary said...

It's your mind that's the marvel!

Mishi said...

Loving. You.

Joyce-Anne said...

My children were just asking me the other day about the idea of the abominable snowman. Could be a possibility.

Unknown said...

Shadow: I dunno. Maybe, huh?

Jientje: Thanks. I think so too.

Moneythoughts: Right on.

Tara R: Yes. COULD be.

Grandmother: Thank you, ma'am. You flatter me.

Mishi: *red cheeks* Awww. Thanks. Me too, you.

Joyce-Anne: COULD be. We'll see.

PattiKen said...

Hey, you never know. I've known a few "wildmen" who walked among us, cleverly disguised.

Love your haiku.

~L said...

I heard that story on NPR over the weekend...interesting stuff. I would not have enough patience to look for fragments of bone under centuries of earth. Pretty important finger!

btw: was in palatine and arlington heights this weekend visiting family...that's where my husband and I grew up. I drove through the city onto LSD on the way home, enjoying the culture through my car window this time...no shots taken.

have a good week Lou.