Sarah - Exlposion in the Desert

Stafford drew one of the men aside. He spoke softly, so as not to be overheard.

"Did you guys go through that place real good?"
"Yah, Stafford, we did. There ain't nuthin' there."
"Okay. Did you plant the charges under the trailer?"
"Yah. The charges are in place and the fuses are ready to be lit."
"Good. Now just keep your mouth shut."

They rejoined the other three men standing in a small group, not far from the trailer.

"Skinny. I want you to go through that trailer one more time. Make sure there isn't anything in there that might tell us where Jake could be hidin' out."

"Sure, Staff. Right away."

"And Skinny ... take your time. Do it right."

"Sure, Staff. I'll do it right now."

Skinny trotted over to the trailer and Stafford watched him until he entered. He muttered under his breath, "I hate it when people call me 'Staff'. Asshole."

"Light that fuckin' fuse."
"But Stafford!! Skinny's in there."
"Don't argue. Just do it. He failed his mission. There is a price for failure."

They watched the fuse burn its way across the desert floor. It disappeared under the trailer and they ducked down low to await the explosion.

There was a whump, whump, whump followed, almost before the realization set in that the explosions had gone off as planned, by a tremendous WOOOMPH and a concussion hit them all and knocked them flat to the ground. Pieces of the trailer and its contents, including Skinny, rained down on them in small pieces.

"What the fuck??? How much stuff did you guys USE?"

"That wasn't us. He must've had some stuff buried under the trailer, because we didn't use enough to do THAT."

The trailer had completely disappeared. Even the cinder blocks that had stood at the corners were gone. Pulverized. And there was a nice, big hole where the trailer had stood.

"C'mon. We'd better get out of here. That explosion is going to bring the whole Sheriff's Department out here. Is everybody okay?"

"Yah, we're good. Poor fuckin' Skinny ain't so hot, but the rest of us are okay."

"Well, let's go then. No sense bein' anywhere near here when the Law shows up."

They ran to the car, got in, started it up and turned toward the highway. Already they could hear sirens in the distance.

"Take a right when you get to the highway. We'll go to the Diner up at the Motel."


Jientje said...

He had it coming!

Jientje said...

Ooooh, I keep forgetting, I LOVE that new header, that little splash of color. It's so YOU!
Enjoy the weekend!

ree said...

Not the Diner!

(and I like the splashy color, too!)

Tara R. said...

Almost makes you feel sorry for Skinny... almost.

Heather said...

YAY! I finally get my SARAH fix :) WOOT! Thank you. And now I must have MORE!

Joyce-Anne said...

Hmm. Makes me wonder what's next?