Part 4 - continues

One Knight's Story
Chap 2 - part 4 - continues

"Do not tell Habeeb, but I feel there's a change in the weather that we shall see soon. And I fear it shall not be for the better."

"Aye, M'Lord. Those thin, high clouds that look like fish scales do not bode well for the weather, and if this sea gets any rougher, I'm afraid poor Habeeb may throw himself over the side. He looks like death as it is."

Habeeb had had his head hung over the side for most of the last two days.

"Do not tease him any more, Squire. If you do, I cannot vow for your safety when we finally make land. Do you feel that? The breeze is starting to freshen a bit. We'll make better speed now - and if the storm holds off, we may actually get to Antioch before Habeeb pukes the last of his guts into the sea."

"I don't think so, M'Lord. Look to the horizon."

Gwalchmei looked to the west and saw the dark line laying low to the curve of the earth.

"We won't be able to make shore before those clouds, and their weather, get here. Make sure all of our gear is tied down securely, Squire. See if Habeeb can help. But in any case, get me his Scimitar, and get me my Falcala from wherever it is you have it stowed."

"Why, M'Lord? Do you think this fisherman is going to steal our stuff?"

"No, Squire, not this fisherman, anyway. Look you there. Can you see the ship running before the clouds? She is running with black sail, Squire. She's an Arab pirate ship! And she's headed this way."

"Aye, M'Lord. I see it. We're for it now, eh?"

"That may be, Squire. Just get me my sword and Habeeb's Scimitar. And tell the fisherman to head in toward shore. I don't think we can fight them off in open water. We need to put the land on our side."



Jientje said...

Hmmm. That's what I thought. A pirate's ship.
I love how you build up the tension.

Tara R. said...

Just keeps getting better. Love this story!

Jac said...

I love it! (Love the pirate ship!!)

I'm anxious for the next bit!!

Joyce-Anne said...

Another interesting twist, can't wait to see what happens next.

Nan Sheppard said...

I'm just catching up with your week's stories, and loved the one about the preist. Sad!

I hope Gwalchmei and his friends are going to make it. The suspense!! Luckily, we'll be home for a while so I can keep up.

Nicole said...

They really run into some tough Luck all the time, no?

Michael said...

Theres a guy in our AA group who used to be an author, when you gonna put it all together in a book?