Friday Haiku - The Challenge Alive

Velvet Verbosity has a post up and in it she lays out the next 100 Word Challenge. Pleased. Me, and the Word.

Haiku Friday

The 100 Words
is alive and well again.
The challenge renewed.

Comes again the time
To squeeze the generous thought
to five, seven, five.

To twist and bend it
hammer it into the mold
of five, seven, five.

The amazing feat
One hundred words, will here be
said five, seven, five.

I've done that once before - a 100 Word Challenge in Haiku. I think Velvet was pretty surprised. Shocked, even, if her reaction was any measure. So was I. I intend, however, to do it again - this time in honor of her return to us and the return of the 100 Word Challenge.

Yesterday was not the relaxed and easy day it WAS to have been. I wound up going to the office to work on some pressing issues and I never made it to that 'dog and pony show' put on by the hardware vendor. Oh well. Next time.

I did, however, pick off another of the little Gremlins that have been bugging me - and the side benefit, I suppose, is increased functionality for Luscious (for those of you who don't know, Luscious is my new(ish) MacBook Pro) now that I have the SSL VPN setup working for the Macintoshes just as well as it works for Windows. Now, all I have to do is trade in my Air Card (a pcmcia card) for a USB Modem from Verizon and I've got it licked and I can totally use my Mac for all of my support efforts from remote locations. One reason to do that is that my Windows laptop (an elderly Compaq Presario) only runs about an hour on battery, whereas Luscious runs for four hours - and that includes wireless access, full time. Apple rules!!



Suzanne said...

Bummer on not going to the dog and pony show ;).

I may need to pick your brain soon on the hotels of downtown Chicago...

OHmommy said...

Challenges are awesome, no? They keep you constantly on your toes working.

Lovely Haiku Lou.

OHmommy said...

Whoa. Now THAT was weird.

You left me a comment at 7:20am and I left you a comment at 7:19am. And we both wrote the word CHALLENGE in our comments to one another.

Have a wonderful day, Lou.

Shadow said...

aaah, thank you, now i can go around talking about dog-and-pony shows and frown upon ignorant folk, heee heeee heeeee.

clever haiku. but then i know you are a creative one indeed!

have a fab weekend dear one!

moneythoughts said...

I got an email yesterday that said Apple has a Mac Pro now with a battery life of 8 hours. Did I read that right?

Joyce-Anne said...

Just a very quick "hi" before my busy day begins. Nice haiku too.

Momisodes said...

4 hours?! I can certainly see why you're so enamored with her :) My Mac only lasts for about an hour without it's juice source.

So excited to see the 100 Word Challenge back. Love how you crafted this 5-7-5 about it :)

Jientje said...

I'm glad the 100 words is back, you've done some great ones in the past and this one is a very good one too! So sorry you did not make it to the dog and pony show, but you did manage to kill another gremlin ... Oh well, that's life I guess?

Honeybell said...

Lou! Here is Kansas, alive and well. Now that I have time to catch up on the blog world, I wanted to let you know how much I'm still enjoying One Knight's Story.

And I'm sorry I fed the gremlins after midnight.

Sage Ravenwood said...

What a lovely way to make the announcement in Haiku. My daughter wants a Mac. I think I would prefer the Mac. I'm getting used to Vista but I'm not all that enthusiased with it. Seeing as it's my fist laptop, I'll work my way up. Have a grand weekend dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Tara R. said...

I should probably name my MacBook too being that I am hardly ever without it. Mine has a long life battery... a good 4 hours easy.

I'm with Suzanne ... any good recommendations for C-town accommodations?

Unknown said...

Suzanne: Pick away my Dear.

OHmommy: Just shows to go ya. We were meant for each other - as bloggers, that is.

Shadow: Thank you, ma'am. And I will have a wonderful weekend.

Moneythoughts: Yes, You did. The new Macs are very, very good.

Joyce-Anne: Thank you, Joyce-Anne. Love that you stopped by.

Momisodes: Thank you, Sandy. Had to stir up the juices a bit to get ready for Sunday.

Jientje: This wasn't for the 100 Words, though. This was just the announcement!

Honeybell: Hey darlin'! I'm so glad you're likin' my story.

Indigo: I WILL have a grand weekend - and I will fervently wish you a Mac.

Tara R: I love my Luscious. She's so soft and smooth and .. well, nevermind. I'll email you about hotels.

Nan Sheppard said...

I, um, kinda like my Dell. Vista. *...ducks and runs...*

Patsy said...

I'm on my way to 100 words from here. So glad she is back.

And most of that last paragraph you wrote was just gibberish to me. Oh, I understand that luscious is you newish computer, but the SSL VPN stuff and Air Card and USB Modem where just words. Oh, so much I need to learn and no desire to learn it. :(

witchypoo said...

Does the USB modem pick up a signal as well as the air card?

Unknown said...

My brother and I were discussing our hatred for all things Vista the other night and I told him I knew of all kinds of people inlove with their Macbooks. That might have to be my next investment--ya know, in 27 days when this pile 'o garbage crashes. ARGH.

KG said...

I like that you always take on these challenges. I, on the other hand, always take on jackassedness, instead. I think it's because I'm hawt.

Unknown said...

Nan: You are forgiven, child. BTW, I loved your outfit for Carnival.

Patsy: That's okay - it's gibberish to everybody else I know, too.

Witchypoo: In a simple answer - yes.

Hyphen Mama: Have I ever mentioned LUSCIOUS? And how much I love her?

Trannyhead: Yes you are. You will be the HAWTEST lawyer in the South.

Unknown said...

Sorry you had a stressy day again, but at least you had some good parts as well.
4 hours?!
OK, envious here.
My poor Vaio merely makes it on 20 minutes ;)