The End's Beginning - The Kid - Part 10

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And now ... Episode 10 of The Kid ... The End's Beginning ...

"Did anyone see you, Sully?"
"No, Boss .. well, yeah, maybe."
"SULLY!! I told you it was CRITICAL no one see you there. Damn. Damn, Damn, Damn. We can't take the chance that anyone can tie us to this operation. We just can't. Who was it, Sully? Who saw you?"
"The second shift girl in the counting room, Sarah. She sees me sometimes, when I make collections. We talk. She knows my name."
"That can't be, Sully. She has to be taken care of. You had no reason to be where you were and if she saw you, and she remembers, it'll be real easy to tie you and US to the operation when it goes down. Call the Kid in for this."
"But Boss. The cops are all over the Kid. And the Feds. They've pretty much made him for the Chicago job, and the Kansas City thing, too. I don't know why they haven't picked him up yet, but they must have him made by now."
"Oh they have, Sully. They have. Fortunately, the Feds are very good at dragging their feet and the cops .. well, lets just say they've been cooperative."
"What? ... what? .... I don't understand."
"Sully, The Kid has done a LOT of work for us. Enforcement work. What you like to call 'Reminder jobs'. And there's more than a few bodies out in the desert that he put out there ... working for us, Sully. Working for us. We can't afford to let the cops OR the Feds get their hands on him."
"You got something in mind?"
"Yes, I do, Sully. 'I got' something in mind. But first, we have to take care of this girl. So you get him in here and we'll get this set up. And Sully ..."
"Yeah, Boss?"
"Stay close to this. We can't afford to have anything to go wrong. Watch this and let me know how it goes. And remember, we can always clean up later, if we have to. So don't expose yourself."
"Okay, Boss. I'll stay out of sight."

The Kid waited in the shadows, between two cars, as the second shift girl from the money room, mother of a 6 year old little boy and former airline stewardess made her way across the parking lot to her beat up old car.

He walked up behind her as she fumbled for her keys.
"Why'd you park your car all the way back here?"
"I don't know who you are, but I don't have any money and if you even so much as TRY to touch me I'll scream my ass off and Security will be out here faster than you could pick your nose."
"You're not scared?"
"I saw you as soon as I walked out of the casino. You need to learn to hide better."
"But you're not scared?"
"Of course I'm scared, punk! But I'm not gonna let some skinny little dick like you hurt me and I don't have any money, like I said, so really, just what do I have to be afraid of?"
With that she turned to face him.
"Yeah. Me. I knew who ya were as soon as I saw ya walk through that door."
"But what are YOU doing here?"
"See this knife? I was sent to use it on ya. If I done my job, you'd be dead by now."
"WHY? I don't understand. Why would you want to kill me? KILL ME?? Why would ANYBODY want to KILL me??? I don't UNDERSTAND!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!"
"STOP IT!!! NOW!!"
"Stop it?? STOP IT??? Stop it. Yes, you're right. Stop ... Stop ... But tell me. Why is it you? Why would YOU want to kill ANYBODY?"
"Because that's what I do. Sully and the Boss sent me to kill you. I don't know why. I don't ask no questions. I just do what I'm told."
"Sully. Big burly guy, busted nose?"
"Yeah, that's him."
"I know him. I can't think why he would want to have me killed. We talk once in a while. He buys me coffee."
"Look, missy, we can't stay here talkin' about this. We gotta get outta here."
"Where's your car? And call me Sarah."
"Don't have a car. I had a cab drop me off about three blocks from here."
"Good. Get in. We'll go to my place."

And from the other side of the lot, Sully watched The Kid get in the car with Sarah, and watched as she drove away, very much alive, with him in the car.

The Boss ain't gonna like this. Not one fuckin' bit.
He started his car and headed for the Baxter Building.

The Kid and Sarah entered her small apartment quietly, her mother and son both sleeping in the second bedroom.
All the way back to her place they had tried to piece together the reason there'd been a hit out on her. With no luck. The Kid had no idea about the operation the Boss and Sully had in the works - there was no way for them to know or understand the reason. But they both knew she had to get out of town and get out now. Leave everything and just take off.
The Kid pulled out his shirt and unbuckled the moneybelt he had around his waist.
"Take this and get out of town. There's a lot of money here. 50 large."
"I can't take this!!"
"Ya can't not take it. It's yer only way out. Just take it and go. Get yer Mom and the boy and get goin'. Just get on a bus and go."
"What about you?"
"Don't worry 'bout me. As far as they know, you're on yer way out to the desert in the trunk of yer car. I'll be fine - but I'm gonna need your car, so I'll drive you and them to the bus station."
"Okay ... Okay ... Thanks ... what do I call you, anyway? What's your name?"
"Just call me Kid. That's all anybody has ever called me. Kid."
"You got a girl, Kid?"
"Who me? Nah. I ain't the boyfriend type, ya know? Besides, my .. uh .. occupation might make things a little rough on a girl's sensibilities. Nah, I'm just fine by mysef."
"I'll get them up."
"Yeah, you do that. I'll wait right here."
"We'll need some things ...."
"You don't have time for 'things'. They may check here. They may come here to take care of your Mom and the boy. We can't be here if they do. Now hurry up. I'm gettin' the weirdest feelin' about this. I dunno ..."
"Okay, Kid. Right now."
"Okay - while you do that, listen. I'm gonna take you to the bus station. There's a shuttle to L.A. every two hours. The next one is 1 in the morning. That's forty minutes from now. When you get to L.A., take the first bus you can. North, South, I don't care but don't walk outta that bus station and don't hang around there. Don't wait for nuthin'. Just get the first bus and GO!"
"Okay, Kid. Here. Take this bag and throw it in the car. We'll be down in two minutes."
"Just hurry up. We can't be here if they come. Or we're ALL dead."

Meanwhile, Sully picked up the phone in the Boss' office to call him.
And give him the bad news.
The girl is alive. And The Kid is out of control.


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