Wordless Wednesday

Head In The Clouds

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Audubon Ron said...

Trying to make me home sick? Even fished near that rock.

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

Awesome photo, Lou!

Myst_72 said...


When it's not wordless Wednesday any more can u tell us where this is?
And when you took it...and stuff?


Unknown said...

Audubon Ron: Two places in the world I would live if I had to leave Chicago: London and this place - San Francisco.

Rebecca: Thanks, Reba.

Myst_72: Golden Gate Bridge, san Francisco, June, 2005. From a boat that had just passed under the bridge.

MommyTime said...

This is a gorgeous photo!

I love your "half a lap" post, by the way. It's true that this is an amazing community and that it's possible to make friends who feel like real friends. My fondest fantasy is that I could take all the bloggers I love and move them into houses on my street. Now THAT would be a neighborhood to live in forever!!

Momisodes said...

The caption is just perfect :)

What a gorgeous view! I'm always impressed by that bridge.

Christy said...

Oh, nostalgia!

I was pregnant with my first child the first time I saw the Golden Gate!

Beautiful photo!

Elizabeth said...

San Fransisco, with her buildings, her bridges, is a sight to behold as fog rolls in. I love this perspective!

How's the new painting coming along?

Holly said...

Ooh. I hope to see this sight someday!

Anonymous said...

I've been some places and seen some sights, but I haven't yet been to San Francisco, and this makes me want to go now. Gorgeous shot!

Unknown said...

See that lonely tree, atop that big rock, striving to make a go of it in the most unfriendly circumstances? That's me.

It's a lovely photo. I really want to spend time in SanFrancisco. One day.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Is that a probability cloud?

Seriously, awesome shot. I loved SF when I was there last winter. I could see myself living there for a year or two.

Vikki North said...

That's the way it looks here so many mornings especially during the winter months. (Of course S.F. stays fogged in all day sometimes.) They give visability reports on our local news. It's beautiful but really dangerous to drive in.
I love it though. There's something very calming about it.

Eve Grey said...

So nice. I was there, only once, a few years ago.

Jennifer said...

this is a great picture. although i feel like i use great too much.. that doesn't even begin to say what i really feel about this picture. :)

the caption is PERFECT for it... and I almost feel like I'm standing on the shore looking at the bridge myself rather than seeing it as a picture.

which i really would love to be able to do one day... living in NY I haven't quite made it to CA yet... but I hope to one day and I'd love to take my parents and my children!! :)

thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!
This is one of the most beautiful shots I've seen of this bridge!

Manager Mom said...

Oh... you just made me homesick for San Francisco. And I've never even lived there!

Queen Goob said...

Breathtaking. I've never been to San Fran and this makes me want to rectify that blunder.

Amy said...

Oh good shot! I've boated around San Fran myself and it's so gorgeous.

OHmommy said...


I can't wait for SF

Unknown said...

Everybody: I looked and said "Holy Crap!" (thank you Mr. Romano) look at all the people I haven't responded to.

Mommytime: Thanks. I had fun taking it. Ah, yes, one big neighborhood.

Sandy: Thank you, ma'am.

christy: Dontcha just LOVE IT there?

elizabeth: Actually, I plan (plan, how I love that word - it sometimes has so little meaning) to finish it this weekend.

holly: I hope that for you, as well.

maggie;s mind: I hope you get to go, I really do.

hyphen mama: No, no, baby. You are NOT alone. Not as long as I'm here.

velvet verbosity: I would like to live there, for a while, as well.

redchair: I am SO jealous.

eve grey: It's a place to go back to, for sure.

jennifer: You can NEVER overuse the word GREAT. And think you, so much.

nicole: Thank you. High praise, coming from you - you are such a great photographer.

manager mom: Man, I'm GOOD.

queen goob: Yes, I AM that good.

amy: Ain't it, though?

OHmommy: I wish I could go with. BlogHer is going to be a great time for you guys.

Digital Polaroids said...

Wonderful and a bit scary, L!