Fabulous Friday Haiku

Short and to the point
As any haiku should be
Problem is, no point

I have naught to say
my mind is an empty box
a present gone wrong

coal in the stocking
blank page in the typewriter
hole in the beer glass

I am a failure
you come for entertainment
leave, emptyhanded

on the other hand
maybe, not having a point
is a point, itself


Julie said...

So, what? We have to wait until next Thursday to find out the 13 things about you and Annie?

"I am a failure
you come for entertainment
leave, emptyhanded"

I feel there are days this could be my blog's tagline...

And I love the first stanza or whatever you call it. Very cute and funny.

Julie said...

Oh, yeah, I am with you on the Belgian/French thing. Maybe they think they will be better off though, as the northern half is the wealthier part of the country.

I dunno. I read something about this maybe two months ago. I really don't remember details.

Elizabeth said...

Excellent! I love the first one. :)

storyteller said...

Hahahah ... I love your Haiku today! The one I left at Sacred Ruminations seemed 'pointless' to me as well ... but I was loathe to skip it because I so look forward to this activity. Thanks for the high praise you left on my 'Ku at Small Reflections earlier. I'm still in awe of the one you wrote for the 100 Word Challenge recently! It was most impressive (though today's was no failure in my eyes).
Hugs and blessings,

Unknown said...

Julie: No, tomorrow. TT on Saturday. And thanks.

Julie(again): Now you've left everyone wondering just what we're talking about.

Elizabeth: Thank you. No point in saying anything else.

Storyteller: Thank you. I really felt a bit foolish, because I did the Haiku before I read blogs and commented for the day. I found there were several things I could have brought back here as a subject - some of my friends are really suffering and it seems tacky to be so lighthearted in view of their problems.

Momisodes said...

k. I think blogger ate my comment :(

I posted that...you never cease to amaze me!
Even with nothing to say, you manage to do it beautifully, and in such a clever way :)

storyteller said...

No need to feel foolish over such a thing. Actually, light-hearted diversion is sometimes the best medicine when faced with struggles ya know what I mean?
Hugs and blessings,

eastcoastlife said...

It's saturday night here in Singapore and I'm looking for entertainment.
*shakes head.... leaves*

Anonymous said...

I think you do have a point here ;)
Your head is empty.
Mine too ;)

And I don't know if my first comment made it through.
My Internet hates me again tonight...sigh....