New ... endeavor

There's a new service in Chicagoland - UberRUSH.

It's a Courier Service.  A Package Delivery Service.  A service which offers some retailers, in Chicago, the opportunity to offer Same Day Delivery to online shoppers.

It's cool.  Trendy.

And I now drive for UberRUSH.

I am not employed by Uber.  I am an independent contractor.  If I follow the rules (and they're simple to live by), I can make a little money.  Enough to make the time I spend in my Li'L Red Truck worthwhile.  Enough to keep me in Breakfast Burritos and Senior Coffees, at Mickey D's.

Many years ago, I was a taxi driver in Chicago for Checker Cab.  MANY years ago.  I used to drive out of the Checker garage at Broadway & Lawrence (North Side of the city, in case you don't know).  I wasn't at it too long, but in the time I did drive I learned the city pretty well.

Some of the landmarks I used to use are gone, or changed.  But the streets are pretty much the same.  And it's all coming back to me, slowly.

I can still get around this city.  And I'm beginning to remember how I used to love it.  It wasn't as crowded, then.  Parking was easier.  The streets were easier to navigate.  But I did love the city, and I remember, now.

But I live in the suburbs, now.  I live with "elbow room".  I LOVE living in an area where I can be in the middle of corn fields as far a I can see, in less the 5 minutes.

I may remember how I used to love the city, and why, but I wouldn't want to live in it, anymore.

Not at all.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Big Mark 243 said...

...which is why you "can't go home again"... not that you can't, but why would you..?