Still Kickin'

Who knew I could still run?  Not me.  But I've found that I can.  Of course, I can't run like I did 30 years ago, but I think if I keep plugging away at it, I might get close.

It feels good to know I can still move like that.

It's not that my job requires me to run, but sometimes, in a effort to make things a little more efficient, I'll run to a different pickup point and add to the numbers being picked up at that point, rather than force the driver to stop to pick up just me.  Besides, it gets cold out there, sometimes, especially when the sun disappears behind the clouds, and moving at pace helps keep me warm.

And I've lost a little weight.  About a pound and a half.  In a week.  But I'm sure that what I've lost is fat and I've gained some muscle - and muscle is denser and heavier than fat.  I know I'm stronger and moving better, and that's good.

I like my new job.  It's not what I ever expected to do during my life, but it's fun and the people I have come to know (mostly old men working part time) have been welcoming and helpful and I truly enjoy their company.

Can't get much better than that.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Brandie said...

Glad the new job is going well.
Running is good - so I've heard. I don't actually do it, but I'm glad you've rediscovered it.

Maggie Moo said...

Yay! Love that you're having fun. And getting paid for it.

You're probably gonna need new pants again soon.

PattiKen said...

Fun and good for you. You're right. You can't beat that.

Big Mark 243 said...

...tears came to my eyes reading this... I really know how good you are feeling right now... your soul is starting to fill inside and sounds and color is coming back... if not back, then the sound is clearer and the colors are brighter... I am REALLY happy for you...