Old Dog, New Tricks

The much quoted saying is that "you can't teach an old dog new tricks".  That said, I learned a whole bunch of new tricks, yesterday.

I am really enjoying my new job.  Two weeks in and it's just fun.  But I'm being exposed to and expected to conquer some of the complexities of this job.  I'm doing more than just "moving cars".  I'm learning how to record positions as those cars are moved from place to place.  I'm learning what areas contain cars for different purposes, and how to record them.

I've discovered I'm still quick.  And that feels good.  Old dog.  New tricks.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Big Mark 243 said...

...trust me... I share your joy in finding out that you still "got it" ... or have enough of "it" to get the rest..!