An Idea

One of the things that really bothers me is the apparent lack of ability on the part of Iraqi Security Forces to stand and fight in the face of insurgent attacks.  In the face of us, as far as that's concerned.

Equally, I wonder at the effectiveness of ISIS against all comers as opposed to the ineffectiveness of Syrian and Iraqi forces.

Were it not for the Jordanian, U.S. and other allied air strikes blunting the effectiveness of ISIS from the air, ISIS would be in total control of major portions of Syria and Iraq.  More than they control now.

I believe the difference lies in what we in the Marine Corps called "Esprit de Corps" - Iraqis don't have it and ISIS does.

Esprit de Corps is a belief in yourself and your comrades, a knowledge that you and they will stand and fight with honor, commitment and every once of being.  It's a belief in what you fight FOR - your Unit, your Flag, your Country.

In ISIS' case, it may be none of those things - it may be religious fervor.  It may be money. Whatever, the ISIS fighters have something to fight for.  Something.

And they fight with spirit.

My idea is simple.  Set up a base in the desert, out west somewhere, find a bunch of former Marine Corps Drill Instructors, and bring Iraqi soldiers here to train under their loving tutelage.  In a short period of time, there will be a small and effective force, in Iraq, ready, willing and able to kick ass and take names.  And as that force gets larger, and more effective. other Iraqis will see them and want to be like them - fight like them - learn from them.

That's how you build an effective fighting force in Iraq that can take care of itself - and doesn't need us to do it.

Now there's an idea.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


PattiKen said...

As much as I dislike any kind of military fighting (aka, war), I dislike sending our troops to fight someone else's war even more. Your idea might work to put an end to that, and perhaps even the military-industrial complex would like the idea for obvious (greedy) reasons. But would we ultimately be training someone else's military to fight against us?