About Change

I watched a PBS documentary concerning the River Shannon, in Ireland, last night.  The subject was more about the changes on the river, over time.  About the birds no longer there and the ones newly arrived.  About the fish and the frogs and the bats.  And the insects.

The thing is, as the older standing species fade away because of the ever present "Change", the newer arrivals find themselves a comfortable home where they had no home, before.  But it is home and they bring with them their culture and rules and calls and mating rituals.

The old are pushed out, and the new take their place, and they make the river live.

Which only goes to show that no matter how much we cover ourselves in the trappings of life, living, culture and technology, we are as much part of Nature as the denizens of the river Shannon, and subject to the same rules, the same norms, and the same ultimate result: we age, we and our contemporaries fade away, and our rules and culture are replaced by the "new", the young, the livers of life, the makers of the replacement systems.

It is inevitable, there's nothing to do about it.  It's just a bitch to be among the ones being replaced, rather than doing the replacing.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


PattiKen said...

Deep. Really deep.

Big Mark 243 said...

Thoughtful, yes, but a sentiment with which I do not agree... I think of my existence as being a part of the tendons that stretch and grow through the maturity of one's life... and as a part of the human experience, I feel eternally young..!