Monday Meanders

And in a sportish vein, there is a frustrating paucity of information coming out of Cubs camp.  I suppose it's a bit early, but still .. you'd think they could give us SOMETHING!!!

The cool thing is that many players showed up to camp early.  Position players.  Cool.

There is an excellent series from Sweden called "Beck".  And another from the BBC called "Wallander".  They are both police procedurals.  And they are very good.  "Beck" is in Swedish and, therefore, reliant on subtitles.  "Wallander", being from the BBC, is in English.  If you can find these programs they are SO worth watching.

I wonder what the Bears are going to do with Cutler?

I am beginning to understand what it means to be "retired".  I rather like it.  I hope everything keeps falling into place, as it has been.  Slowly.  This could be good.

I love my Kindle Fire (purchased while I still had a job).  My most recent book is "Why does E=MC2 and Why Should We Care?", by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw.  Wonderful stuff, this, but it MUST be read in small bites, especially if you're not a physicist.  Which most of us are not.

I wonder if Rahm will get re-elected.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Big Mark 243 said...

...sure, Rahm is going to be re-elected BUT will it make him govern any differently..?

Did you see "Interstellar"..? If not, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON..? I would not mind taking on "Why..." and I will have to take it in small morsels...

...aren't the Bears going to START Cutler..? And let the Cubs get things organized... Theo Epstein is building them up... quietly...