Monday Meanders

New England won - but for a stupid play call at the goal line, Seattle would have won.  It was an interesting and well played game, but the wrong team came away the victor.  Not that I had any skin in the game - I just think that Seattle lost it more than New England won it.

During the early morning and and most of the day, yesterday, Mother Nature decided that those of us who live in and around Chicagoland needed a strong taste of Winter in North Dakota.  Damn, that was a lot of snow.

We kept power but I understand not everyone in and around Chicagoland was so lucky.  First time in a couple of years that the snow was so deep, on the driveway, that I couldn't get down to concrete in one pass.  And it was a heavy, wet, snow that I was NOT going to try to shovel.

Pitcher & Catchers report, for the Cubs, on February 19th.  I can't wait.

Found out that Illinois is one of three states that offset Unemployment Benefits by half of what one gets in Social Security Benefits.  Looks like I lose.  Again.

Gotta find me a job.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.