All these little hurdles are finally slipping out of the way.  And I've learned some things about myself.

After losing my job in January, I was suddenly faced with the prospect of living on about a third of the money I had been bringing in.  And I had no insurance as of the day the job was gone.

Know what?  I can live on what I getting from Social Security.  Well, I will need to supplement a bit, but I'm really close.

I learned I was really bad with money, before.  I'm much better with it now.

I have Medicare, now.  A and B.  And I have medical benefits from the VA.  As it turns out, my diabetes and my heart disease are considered, by the government, to be "Service Connected" - the result of exposure to Agent Orange.

That was my biggest hurdle.  Insurance - and getting my meds.

The other hurdles are financial and we don't need to go into them, here.  But they are, slowly, being picked off and taken care of.

I have learned some patience.

Rather than charging into a situation and going off half cocked, I have found that taking the time to allow the problem to clarify itself, fully, will often lead into a natural solution - or at least, one that's easier to find and implement.


Now.  If I could just fine a solution for my non-existent Love Life.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Big Mark 243 said...

...the answer for the latter question is the same as the one for the earlier ones... patience...