Monday Meanders

Pitchers and Catchers report in about 6 weeks.  I can't wait.

Winter has finally fallen into the Midwest.  It snowed, yesterday, and overnight the temperature fell to -3 degrees.  It's to snow, tonight.  Anywhere from 3 to 6 inches.  I got the snowblower out of the garage, yesterday, got it started and warmed up, and put it away knowing it will run when needed.

Bring it on, Old Man Winter.

Of course, traveling 43 miles to work and then 43 miles back does give OMW certain opportunities to make life miserable for me (and everyone else, too, I suppose), but it's usually temporary.  On the other hand, 2015 should be, if all works out as I hope, the last year during which I will work a 40 hour week for salary.

Fingers crossed.

 I still have bins of yarn and other supplies for crocheting and knitting that I need to find good homes for.  These things impede the progress I have been making rearranging the house and bringing things to order.  If you think you need such things, or know someone who does, PM me on Facebook of leave a comment here and we'll work it out.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Jientje said...

You're the same age as Ivan, and until recently I thought he was never going to retire either. But as of january just before his seventieth birthday he is. I hope you can soon, and enjoy life without 40 hour workweeks. 5 Or more, am I right?