Found It !!

For a while, I was thinking I'd kind of lost my mind.

Everyone who ages to a certain level finds that things kind of ... slip away.  You forget stuff.  It's a constant, "Where did I leave my phone?"  "Why did I come up here?"  "Which website was that I was going to go to?  And why?"

But.  Sometimes you lose track of something you value and no matter how much you try to remember where you saw it last, or where you might have left it, it defies your efforts to find it.

And it makes you crazy.  And it makes you think you're losing your mind.

Yesterday, while searching through the garage for a hose nozzle, I found my iPod Touch, which had been missing for months.  My 32gigabyte iPod.  The one named "Lou's Muse".  The one I listened to music on as I wrote "The Kid" and "Vigilante:  The Sarah Pierce Story."

I haven't written or worked on those stories since I lost track of that iPod.

The funny thing is that I do have other iPods.  But none of them are THAT iPod.  None of them inspire the Muse to come to me so I may write.

I may have found my Muse, again.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Big Mark 243 said...

...I would take that exactly as you are Lou... I do that all the time with the "this and that" that I have invited into my life...