But then again,

Today is Tuesday and again, I am late with my post for the day.  I let myself get caught up in the National Championship Game last night, and though it was a really good game (especially if you're a Big Ten or an OSU fan), it went too long and I was falling asleep by the time the game ended.

In a perfect world, I'd be able to blog in my sleep.

Anyway ... the world, it seems, has taken notice of the attack by terrorists against French cartoonists in revenge for an insult to Mohammed.  They saw the publication of a cartoon depicting the prophet as an insult to all of Islam, which abhors "graven images", especially of Mohammed.  They felt it justified killing the people involved.

It was an attack on Free Press and the free expression of Ideas.  This more than anything.  And it was meant to do as it did - create fear and terror.

It was NOT meant to do as it has done - create "Je Suis Charlie".  Everywhere.

Je Suis Charlie ... et vous?

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PattiKen said...

Non, je ne suis pas Charlie. Just because I abhor the behavior of one does not mean I approve of the behavior of the other.