100 Word Challenge - Sheltering

What follows is offered in response to Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge. The challenge, this week, is "Sheltering".

100 Word Challenge
Lonely little boy.  Walking alone.  The night is dark, moonless.  The wind is biting, sharp, cold, chilling to the bone.  He is lost.

He has no one.  Hunger gnaws at his belly, cramping him.  He is shivering.  His thin coat does little to hinder the wind, does nothing to keep him warm.  He needs, more than anything else, sheltering.

He begins, softly, to cry.

"Mummy.  Oh.  Mummy."

Headlights sweep across him and a small car slams to a stop.  A woman leaps to the curb and falls to her knees, wraps her arms round him, and whisks him away.


Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


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Wonderful I love the flow