Monday Meanders

In 11 days I return to the notion of blogging every day for at least one lap around the sun.  After all, the last time I started "a lap" was on January 1st, 2008 and one lap turned into something more than four.

So we'll see.

Pitchers and Catchers will be reporting Mid-February.  As much as i would like to go off the deep end over what the Cubs have done during this off season, realistically it's going to be another year, I think, before we see the Promised Land and play in a World Series.  This coming year, the Cubs will establish their promise and, probably, play something better than .500 ball.

It's in the following year the Cubs will become something to fear.

Christmas is almost upon us.  The house is a wreck.  I MAY be able to get all in order by Christmas Day.

I hope so.

On Christmas Day I will have the one present I will enjoy the most - all three of my sons in the same place at the same time - with me.

There's nothing I enjoy more.

I went to a White Elephant Party with #1 Son the other night.  I brought a 400 piece Santa Claus puzzle as my white elephant.  After all the steals and trades, etc., I wound up with a small package wrapped in black construction paper.

Inside were a condom and a vibrating penis ring.

Gifts with potential, for sure.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Mrs4444 said...

hahaha Here's hoping you get to use that gift.Happy New Year!