Monday Meanders

CUBS managed to get swept by Pittsburgh so their 6 game homestand wound up 3 and 3.  Oh well.  I hate to say "Wait 'Til Next Year" - but just wait.  It'll happen.

Today is my birthday - the day I complete 69 years of life.  69.  One of my favorite numbers - although its favored status has nothing to do with age.  Heh.

My Facebook friends have already begun to wish me a Happy Birthday.  I really appreciate Facebook for making it so easy to keep up with things like birthdays, etc.  And to ALL my friends, I say "Thank You".

I've had to bring goodies to work, today.  It's our habit to do so.  Whenever someone has a birthday, that person is obligated to bring the goodies.  My blood sugar will be a bit off, tomorrow.  I'm just sayin'.

Short and sweet, today.  Tomorrow I will post about something that's been on my mind - that's kept me away from here far too much.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Jientje said...

Happy Birthday Lou, I'm hoping your day will be as wonderful as mine promises to be, because I'm celebrating the birthday of my daughter Valérie today. And the sun is going to shine too, so what more do we need eh?

Shadow said...

Happy Birthday, my lovely Lou, may this day be the start of a wonderful and happy year. 69hey? Mischievous man, *grin*

Tara R. said...

Happy birthday! The Cubs really should have stepped up for your special day.

PattiKen said...

Have a great birthday, Lou. I wish I could help you celebrate, because... you know.