Monday Meanders

The CUBS played the last game of the season, yesterday.  They won, and wound up taking two out of three from the Brewers in the final series of the year.  It's now officially time to "wait 'til next year".  Next year, I think, will finally be worth the wait.

We had Grannie's Memorial gathering over the weekend.  Family attended.  And rightly so.  Over the years, all of Grannie's friends from neighborhoods past, had gone.  Passed away.  What Grannie had left was family, especially my cousin and her children and grandchildren and their spouses and children.  Grannie reveled in those people.   And my sons.

The Bears got beaten, miserably, by the Packers.  I give up on Chicago sports.  Until Spring training.  Until Pitchers and Catchers report.  Until the CUBS make it "next year".

If you haven't watched "Moone Boy" on your PBS station, you ought to give it a try.  It's whacky Irish at whacky Irish best.

Have a Happy Monday.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.