Monday Meanders

Da CUBS.  Surprisingly, the Northsiders just took three from the team leading the American League East.  And they looked GOOD doing it.  With 6 of "the Prospects" now on the Big Club, one has to wonder if this is a window into the near future of this club.  Like next year near.

Chicago, look!!  Your future is showing.

Chicago's Little League Team lost in the finals of the LLWS.  BUT.  They looked good doing it - and sometimes, that's all one can ask.  They did their best.  Well done, Jackie Robinson West.

I enjoyed watching the LLWS.  I think I'm a little less than thrilled, however, over the media focus on some of the kids that played in the series.  Like Pierce Jones.  Or Mo'ne Davis.  Interviews.  Special sports stories on ESPN highlighting THOSE kids at the expense of all the others.  Just the FOCUS.

They are, after all, just kids.  Playing ball.  They are not, nor are they supposed to be, celebrities.  They're just kids.

Have a Happy Monday.  Just think.  4 days until Friday and a 3 day weekend.

Ndinombethe.  Ubuntu.


Big Mark 243 said...

...ever the optimist... you are a true Cubs fan, Lou..!

...it is troubling the notorization of specific players at the LLWS, but it has happened before... the scrutiny is much more intense but I am not sure if the children, used to overbearing media, aren't "prepeared" for it because it is their environment... it may have overwhelmed you or me, but the You Tube generation sort of expects it ...

Shadow said...

I woke up this morning, thinking FRIDAY, now imagine how long this week's gonna be in my head... *grin*

Tara R. said...

Maybe some of those LLWSers will grow up to be Cubs and get that pennant for you.