Monday Meanders

Our CUBS have won a couple - yesterday they beat Milwaukee 10-8.  Stay tuned.

There must have been a large scale civilization in western Europe around 10,000 years ago that, for one reason or another, disappeared about 5000 years ago - about the time that Stonehenge was built.  One can find standing stones in almost every country in Europe.  We know that Stonehenge was built about 5000 years ago - we also know of Henges that lie at the borders of islands in the ocean - half in and half out of the water - that could only have been built BEFORE the end of the last ice age.  Ten thousand years ago. 

The European standing stones are all very similar to one another.

There are fossil settlements at the bottom of the English Channel that could only have been settled more that 10,000 years ago.

Who were these people?  Who did they become?  Where are their descendants now?

An example.  Go to Central America.  The Maya still exist - and know themselves to be Mayan.  THEY didn't disappear.  Their body politic - their organized government - disappeared.  But not the people.  So it must be with the people of Europe that built stone monuments all over the continent. 

It's just that the memory of who they are has died over time.

This has been, obviously, one of those "Things I think about".  Couldn't wait for Tuesday.

Last night I watched the opening episode of the new "Cosmos".  What did YOU think about it?  Will you watch it next week?

Ndinombethe, ubuntu.
(As I go, I am wearing you.  I am, because we are.)


Big Mark 243 said...

I forgot about Cosmos... and with the different pogroms that have swept over Europe during the ages, I would be VERY suprised if any people were alive who could trace their linage to those who built Stonehenge...