Monday Meanders

Having successfully manged to avoid the Olympics as TV fodder, I did stumble across the Ladies Free Skate performed by 15 year old Yulia Lipnitskaya, of Russia.  Absolute perfection on ice.

Rinse, repeat. Rinse, repeat.  Cold snap coming after the snow.  This time, however, the snow slipped to the south of us, but the cold air has found us nonetheless.  As someone said on FB, "Mother Nature needs to be bitch slapped."

I can't imagine what it must be like to be homeless in this climate.

CBS 2, Chicago, asks, "Is Tech taking over your life?"  Hah.  Tech IS my life.

As we all know, the tax man soon cometh.  I may have to beg in order to pay him.

Once I get past this whole tax thing, I'm going to devote myself to finding a rich widow in serious need of a boyfriend.

I shoveled hard pack and ice off the driveway, today.  It's comforting to know that in a week the temps will start an upward trend that will find 50 degrees before the end of next week.

I looked out at about 5:30pm this afternoon.  It was still light outside.  I can just feel the golf club in my hand.  Now if we can just find some grass ...

Ndinombethe, ubuntu.


Big Mark 243 said...

I would be surprised if you had any difficulties in finding a rich widow to partner with...

Hey, isn't spring near..? I don't know when the warmer air is coming but when the mid-20's feel "balmy", you know it has been a chilly winter..!

Be wary of the slice on that golf club... I am sure that there is some rust to be shaken off...