Things I think about ...

There's something that puzzles me - a question, if you will.

Let's say there's a planet much like Earth, but twice as big.  And it's full of creatures, as is the Earth, but all those creatures are twice as big as creatures on Earth.  Of course they look different and all that, but they all fill ecological niches, as do critters here.


Given the things about Relativity we know to be true, time, at the surface of this planet, will pass at a different pace than it does here on Earth.  The question is, what would happen if one of us, a human from Earth, was to be present on the surface of that planet?

Does our perception of time match up with the Time of the creatures that live on this planet?  Or does the Earthman's time run "faster" than that of the larger planet's creatures?  Do they, then, seem to move and react in "slow motion" compared to our Earthman?

Is there "time" at the quantum level?  At the atomic level?  Is that "time" constant at all locations - the same here on Earth (at those levels) as on that larger planet?  Or does the context of the quantum, and of the atomic, dictate the passage of time (if time does exist at those levels)?

Waddya think?

Ndinombethe, ubuntu.


Tara R. said...

There are times when I feel that I am moving in slow motion, while every thing else round me is proceeding at double time. Maybe... those are the times with my quantum selves over lap and our time lines cross.

That's what I think about.

PattiKen said...

For your consideration: Time is a place, all events happening simultaneously. Picture a strip of movie film, all frames existing simultaneously. What changes, or "moves," if you will, is your consciousness, as if you are looking from one frame to the next.

Big Mark 243 said...

I don't know if on the quantum level if time exists... it all seems as though everything happens simultaneously at that level... and I think your "double Earth" would move at a different time relative to its own set of vibrations...