Monday Meanders

I rather like Gov. Christie of New Jersey.  He seems genuinely concerned about his State and his constituents.  Now, it seems, comes evidence of his status as a real, old timey Politician.  It really doesn't matter whether or not he was involved in the "Political Revenge" move that closed all the New York bound lanes, but one, to the George Washington Bridge.  It doesn't matter whether or not the notion of tying up traffic in Fort Lee because the Democrat Mayor would not endorse the Governor for re-election, originated with him or not.  What matters is he threw his staff under the bus - like any good old boy Politician. 

Of course, the jury is still out on his involvement.  I'm sure that loyal Republicans everywhere are down on their knees saying their nighttime prayers that his denials are true - for he is the one true hope for them to regain the Presidency.  If there are doubts, or if he is shown to be behind the episode in spite of hefty (no pun intended) denials, his ability to get elected will be seriously compromised.  Not that I want him elected - as an Independent with Liberal leanings, the Republican Party is anathema, to me.  Especially as currently constructed.  It's just that I see Christie as a Moderate and a man who might be able to lead his party away from the lunatic fringe and back to the posture of communication and compromise.

The only hope for the country, however, is to return the Republican Party to the minority in Congress.  The Tea Party faction in the G.O.P. only means anything as long as they can hold the Republican's majority position hostage.

The Bears have decided to keep Mel Tucker as Defensive Coordinator.  His line coach and linebacker coach have, however, been shown the door.  The Bears' defense was miserable this year, and are the reason the Bears did not make the playoffs.  That said, the group was depleted by injuries early in the season and they never recovered, as a unit, from losing the impact of those missing starters.

This past weekend was so nice, by comparison to what it was like just one short week previous.
Climate Change is a bitch.  So, it seems, is Mother Nature, when she wants to be.  I'm so glad she's back on an even keel.

Have a good week.  I know I will.

Ndinombethe, ubuntu.


Mags said...

A few years ago I was driving home to Boston from CT on Easter Sunday and the traffic was backed up from the tolls something like 30 miles. Turns out the director of transportation did it on purpose by closing a few lanes, to prove a point. He was promptly let go a few days later.

The weather here in Boston today is great! It's like a lovely spring day. But actually, I would prefer it to be a little colder...it's winter after all! Yes, I know I'm a weirdo...but I do enjoy the our seasons.

Big Mark 243 said...

I am not sure if a President Christie would be an upgrade in Republican politics or not... maybe it would change the dynamics a bit but I think that the hate-mongerers on the right will find another way to stir the rabble...