Monday Meanders

I wanted the Bengals to win - no such luck.  I wanted the 49ers to win - and there I was lucky.  Packers go home.  Yay.

The President is back in D.C after a 16 day vacation, in Hawaii, with his family.  He will face ANOTHER debt ceiling crisis instigated by the G.O.P.

Mrs. Obama is staying in Hawaii for some "Me" time with friends.  No indication when she'll return to D.C.  I wish I could.  It's COLD.

Me and my snowblower visited neighbors, yesterday.  An hour afterwards, you couldn't even tell I'd taken care of those driveways.  Lots of blowing snow and descending temperatures made it a day where one had no hope of keeping up.

If you haven't seen it on the News, yet, it is now against the law to hold your cell phone up to your ear while you're driving.  Bluetooth earpieces are okay - or you can talk using the Speakerphone function of your phone.  I bought a Bluetooth over the weekend.  No point in getting a ticket.

I hope my car starts.  And I wonder if they'll actually make garbage pickups today.

It's a cold day, today, throughout the whole Midwest, Northeast and Canada.  Don't go out today if you can avoid it.  No point in tempting fate.

Ndinombethe, Ubuntu.


Shadow said...

Send me some of that cold, we need it here... although the cloudy skies of today have given us a bit of a respite from a slow melt-down...

Make a fire, put on a pot of soup, some good music and enjoy the company you're keeping!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love that you were out helping people in the snow. That does not surprise me one bit.

Thank you for being a kind person with a big heart.

I am glad the President could get a little break. I am pretty worried about the debt crisis. I don't blame it on the GOP though. Not one little bit.

Stay warm and toasty : ). Becky

Big Mark 243 said...

I chose to stay in yesterday and today... but I have to go in to work...

I think that the best teams won in the NFL, though I did think that San Francisco was a surprise...

Big Mark 243 said...

Being a good neighbor with your snowblower... not surprising... it has been cold but Omaha doesn't have much snow and I am thankful for that..!