Monday Meanders

Bears play tonight.  I don't hold out much hope - the Defense is not capable of the level of play they've managed to maintain for the last few years.  No pass rush and an inability to defend the pass over the middle.  Does not bode well.  The Packers will pick them apart.

Question marks still revolve around the Cubs and their choice for manager to replace Dale Sveum.  Dave McKay, the first base coach for the last few years, has left, as all of the coaching staff has languished in a limbo of uncertainty.  He has settled his certainty.

Yet another young man has decided to assassinate total strangers with a firearm.

Sometimes (just sometimes, mind you), there is little that is more relaxing than two fingers of Ron Zacapa Sistema 23 (23 year old rum from Guatemala) in a bourbon glass, sipped, slowly, over the course of an hour or so.

There is little worse for a parent than to see a child in constant pain that the parent can't do ANYTHING to fix.  That isn't why they were brought into the world.

I watched Cloud Atlas on OnDemand, yesterday.  What an extraordinary movie.  Just know that it needs to be watched more than once.



Big Mark 243 said...

... well, with the advantage of having known the score of the game... I am glad that the Bears won... but the Packers were never an easy out and that onside kick was pure moxie..!

I forgot that I wanted to see '...Atlas'... thanks for reminding me...

Not sure of the most recent shooting... there have been so many recently that I am actually finding it difficult to keep track...

... have to take your word on the bourbon... but if I missed word, I am sorry... are your boys alright..?