Okay, back to work ...

I have a family member that works for the Customs Department.  She can go back to work now.

It is now possible to visit Yogi and Boo Boo.  And Smokey, the Bear.  And Old Faithful (which, by the way, in recent years isn't as faithful as once was).

There is an interview held in the last day or so, with Robert Redford, in which he says what everyone knows but has been afraid to say - that all of the recent political rancor arises out of racism and a desire to destroy the Presidency of Barack Obama.  Much of the interview is here.  He says what I have been saying all along.  Personally, I think it's sick that there is such a substantial part of the population of this country, in this day and age, that supports the attitudes that underlay our current political malaise.

Racism.  And a desire to undermine, if not destroy, the Government as it exists.

The coming days are going to be ... interesting.