Monday Meanders

Bears lost in a shootout with the Redskins.  The offense looked good for a change - under Josh McKown.   The defense, however, looked rather porous - it's hard for me to believe that the loss of Brian Urlacher could have made that much difference to the play of that measure of the team.

The Shutdown may be over, but it's effects are being felt in the Science community and will for some time to come.  Antarctic Reasearch projects are being cancelled because of the two week stoppage and the resultant logistical nightmare now engendered.  There are many other research efforts in similar circumstances.

The Republicans flushed 24Billion dollars down the toilet in a remarkable demonstration of juvenile petulance.  And the real problem is that those 80 or so Tea Party members that instigated the whole fiasco will likely keep the jobs come election time, whereas more moderate and considerate men may well lose theirs out of voter frustration.  Ironic.

I plan to do some target shooting this week, with #2 Son and Bitsy, the Daughter-in-Law.  I may take pictures of the targets when done.  I don't hunt.  I have NO desire to shoot anything that breathes, but I do enjoy the skills required to shoot and shoot well.  I WILL kill paper, willingly, but that's it - with nice, tight groups.



Big Mark 243 said...

... I have always wanted to target shoot... since in the military and being an expert shot in the five times I had to qualify...

...on the back cover of ESPN The Magazine football issue, with the Seahawks Russell Wilson on the cover, is a column where the author expresses his 'love' for Jay Cutler... while the author does not go back to Jay's days at Vanderbilt, I do and I still think he is a far better quarterback than Cade McNown...

Take care... and may your groupings always be tight..!