Monday Meanders

Bears lost.  Well, at least I don't have the CUBS to pile on the woes and woeful news.  But the BEARS!!!  They looked like Northwestern playing Ohio State.  And the "Turnover" defense?  I think Urlacher took it with him when he left.

The U.S. Team won the President's Cup - and Tiger won the clinching point.  Grannie was ecstatic.  I hope the bad back that Tiger has been dealing with doesn't lead to a curtailment of his golf activities or career.  He has had more impact on Professional Golf and those who play at that level that anyone.  Ever.

I drove from East Greenwich, Rhode Island to Streetsboro, Ohio on Friday and from Streetsboro to Plainfield, Illinois on Saturday morning.  I had spent most of the week, last week, with friends in East Greenwich - taking pictures and antique shopping.  And the weekend before I had driven from Plainfield to Buffalo, New York (on Friday) and on to Lenox, Massachusetts where I spent an overnight with friends (not the friends I spent the week with) and then drove on to East Greenwich with a stop in Carver, Massachusetts at King Richard's Faire.  I put something more that 2000 miles on my car.

I have many pictures.  I even have pictures on film which I will send in for processing today.  They will show up here over the next few days.