100 Word Challenge - Atrophy

I know I said I would publish my new story today - for Halloween - but I wasn't able to finish it properly, and until I do, I can't hit "publish".  This weekend, then.  Okay?

Meanwhile, what follows is offered in response to Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge. The challenge, this week, is "Atrophy".

100 Word Challenge


"Don't you walk away from me, girl.  That don't show respect."

"Respect?  You want respect, you wife beatin', pool shootin' fool?  Respect?  Naw, man, you lost that the last time you swung at me with that stick."

"But you love me, babe.  I know you do."

"Yeah, Gawd he'p me, I do.  But I'm not IN love with you no more.  My love is like a muscle sufferin' from a-tro-phy, caused by duckin' too much."

"But, baby ..."

"Don't you 'but baby' me.  Get your shit and get out."

"But baby ..."

"GET OUT!!!  Or I am gettin' my gun."

He left.



PattiKen said...

Would that it were that easy.