Ah, the weekend

Yup.  It's the weekend.

Northwestern is playing football, today.  Maine is the sacrificial lamb.

Notre Dame is playing today.  Michigan State will attempt to play the villain.

The Cubs are playing Atlanta, today.  Meaningless, except for individual stats.  But is is, after all, my Cubs.

Tiger is done, already.  2 Under on the day, 3 over for the tournament.  Tomorrow (Sunday) is the day that will make the difference.

But.  I won't get to watch most of these interesting (to me, anyway) games.  Shopping, yard work, laundry (which is where I get to watch a little) and a series of small errands that will keep me out of the house, will make me too busy.  Phooey.

It is, however, a GORGEOUS day out there.  It will be nice to get out in it.



Big Mark 243 said...

... it is a beautiful day... and NOTRE DAME is the villian..!

...back in the late 70's - early 80's, the idea of a sacrifical lamb being fed TO Northwestern instead of the 'Cats being the sacrificial lamb would be heretical...