Pimsler Method

Lately, I have been learning Spanish while driving my car.

I studied Spanish in High School - I remember my teacher, Mrs. Chervinko, vividly.  But that was 50 some years ago and the memory of much of that learning has faded.

My wife, of course, is a Latina.  Her father, Juan, was born and raised in Mexico City (Cuidad Mexico), so in more recent times I was able to recall SOME of my high school Spanish - but not much.


I bought the first set of CDs (4 CDs providing 8 half hour lessons) and I have to say, I am impressed.
Entiendo un poco de Espanol y hablo un poco de Espanol.  Es verdad.

Actually, the dialect of Spanish is referred to as "Castillano", or Castillian, throughout the lessons - so this may be a bit different than what I was taught in high school.

And I am having fun.  I haven't tried out my simple Spanish on anyone, yet.  I may wait a while - like until I get through all the current lessons.

This Pimsleur method seems to work well, for me.  It kind of works like the first lessons I had in computer programming, years ago.  You learn one thing, and then the next thing is a natural extension of hte first thing you learned.  The Pimsleur stuff uses conversations built around meeting and greeting each other, so the conversations just naturally build out to wider and wider circles, taking in more and more words.

One of these days I may do a complete post in Spanish - just for shits and grins.