Monday Meanders

Cubs lost yesterday  However, they DID win 2 out of 3 in St. Louis over the weekend and on Saturday, they shut out the Cardinal in their ballyard for the first time since 1997.  Well done.

Bears lost on Friday.  Although there's no way to actually assess the performance of the Offense with any kind of accuracy, the Defense served notice on the rest of the league.  First string, second string or third, these folks have come to PLAY.

Jason Duffner won the PGA Championship, yesterday.  Mr. Stoic.  He is, by reputation, one of the Good Guys on the Tour.  Grannie is okay with Jason winning, as long as it was out of reach for Tiger.

As I understand it, the California kidnapper, and his victim, were spotted in the woods and seemed "out of place".  Well done, nameless horse rider.  Keen eye.  And the FBI snuck up on them.   End result?  Kidnapper dead and victim safe and sound.  She will soon be re-united with her father.  At least one ended without finding the victim in pieces.

We had a beautiful weekend - today is rain.  Rain means no Coot Scoot.  Phooey.



Big Mark 243 said...

If it is preseason... it doesn't matter how good the defense looks...

Good for the Cubbies but unless you are correct in your assesment of the new owners, they are doing just enough to keep you guys interested in Cubs baseball...

And that was a keen eye by that cowboy...

Your scoot doesn't mind missing the weekend over rain..! Prolly looks forward to a colorful fall ride around town..!