Monday Meanders

Grannie is overjoyed.  Tiger Woods won over the weekend - and won big.  He has now won a total of 79 PGA Tour events - only three behind the man who won the most, Sam Snead.  Given that Tiger is 37 years old and thus will be able to play on the PGA Tour for at least 12 more years, it is not wild conjecture to suppose that he may well exceed 100 wins before he retires from the PGA. 

Furthermore, I predict that Tiger will win 11 more majors, to total 25 for his PGA career.  At least.

The Cubs lost yesterday.  Again.  Just when it began to look as though they might have a shot at leveling their wins and losses by the end of the year, they go on a losing streak.

The Bears training camp is starting to sound like Sick Call used to when I was in the Marines.  These little nagging injuries are accumulating at a nasty pace.

#3 son has found employment as an instructor at Mathnasium, an independent provider of Math instruction for those children who are in need of help.  I am so proud of him - that he searched for and found this position himself.  Our Aspie boy is growing up.

I have a different pitching wedge, now.  I have found I can fly it 80 yards straight as an arrow.  Now if I could just figure out my driver - I'd have it licked.